Children of all ages undergoing BMT have special needs related to their growth, development, and learning. It is generally well known that federal and state laws guarantee all children in the US the right to attend school and to receive educational services. But parents may not have had reason to know that children with diseases or conditions that can affect learning and/or healthy development also are entitled to special services. Programs for infants and toddlers, as well as school-age children, are available to help every child achieve their full potential. Programs are available for parents as well, to offer support  and to help them learn  how to ensure that thier child’s  individual needs are being met. In addition, the fact that a child must miss school for medical reasons also entitles her or him to special considerations in the education system.

Teenagers and young adults facing a BMT have many of the same needs as do children, but also have special concerns and issues related to their stage of development. The experience of having a life-threatening illness can be even more complicated for youth, as they are at an age when most of their peers are focused on building an identity separate form that of the family, and on making plans for the future.