How to Help

All of us can help to ensure that every patient with a life-threatening illness will be able to receive a BMT when needed. Your assistance can make an important difference to give all patients an equal chance to survive. Here are some ways  to help:

  • Register to become a BMT donor.
  • Sponsor a donor recruitment drive in your community, workplace, school, house of worship, or organization.
  • If you are pregnant, donate the blood from your newborn baby’s umbilical cord.
  • Educate others about the importance of becoming a BMT and/or cord blood donor.
  • Raise money to help test more prospective donors.
  • Become involved in efforts to increase opportunities for donation of all types of blood and marrow cells, and to improve access to BMT at the local, state, and national level.
  • If your child is in need of a BMT, let your elected officials know how your family is faring, and ask for their help if necessary; contacts may be found in the annual They Represent You guide.