Understanding Your Bills

When you arrive at CHRMC to being the transplant process, a representative from Business Services will give you information about which types of bills you should expect to receive, and from which provider practices they will come.  Note that If your child’s care is covered by Medicaid, Healthy Options or Basic Health Plus, services will be covered in full and you will not receive bills.

In general, the bills from CHRMC will include charges for  clinic fees, services and procedures, room charges, etc. There will be separate bills for physician services from Children’s University Medical Group (CUMG).There may also be separate bills from SCCA if your child is seen there. In addition, there may be yet other separate bills from physicians who do not belong to CUMG, or for  services  provided by outside companies that contract with CHRMC or SCCA to perform certain tests or procedures. Across the country it is increasingly common for medical centers to contract with outside companies for perform certain services that are provided at the medical center. Also, some hospitals and other medical facilities or practices  may not handle their own billing, and instead contract with billing services located in other states or sometimes in other countries.

There are a number of good resources available for learning more about how to understand medical bills and insurance coverage for them, including:

Understanding Hospital Bills – Frequently Asked Questions
Washington State Hospital Association

Understand the Health Coverage You Have
National Health Law Program

Understanding Your Medical Bills
American Academy of Family Physicians
Includes a copy of  a sample bill, showing its sections and their meaning, categories of charges, and the use of medical codes  for billing.