Practical Help and Support

Care and Comfort for Child and Family

Help is available both for working on making the decision to end treatment for your child, as well as to help decide whether your child will remian in the hospital or return home. The BMT social worker can play an important role in helping to arrange for conferences with the medicla team, and can serve as a support person during the process as well as be available to talk with the child and family members individually as desired. S/he can also make the arrangements for referral to home hospice service. Parents can be reassured that pain relief is routinely given to children as as part of palliative care, medical care that provides comfort when control of disease is no longer possible

Other families who have lived through this difficult experience often share that thee is no one right way to grieve, and that it is part of a process. Some bereaved parents decide to offer support to their peers, and may be available to help you at this time or later.


CHRMC Palliative Care Consulting Service

Stepping Stones
Hospice program for children in King County

Washington State Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Provides referrals to member organizations in WA counties

Safe Crossings
Grief support program for children & teens  facing serious illness or death of a loved one, including a sibling. Serves residents of in King & south Snohomish counties.