List of Donor Registries

US BMT Donor Registries

This alphabetical listing includes registries operating in the US, the largest of which is the federally-funded NMDP.  The HLA typings of donated cord blood banked for the public National Cord Blood Inventory are part ofhe NMDP donor database. Since 2006, the NMDP blood & marrow donor registries, and the cord blood registry, are part of the federal C.W. Bill Young Cell Transplantation Program. Please visit each registry’s  website to learn more about its programs and services.

American Bone Marrow Donor Registry **
Caitlin Raymond International Registry **
CW Bill Young Department of Defense Marrow Donor Program *
DKMSAmericas *   **
Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation *
HLA Registry *
National Marrow Donor Program

*  denotes affiliation with NMDP
** denotes affiliation with BMDW ( NMDP is a member of BMDW)

International BMT Registry Networks and related organizations


Portal for Internet resources on blood and marrow transplantation from seven international professional organizations located in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
International umbrella registry of BMT registries in all continents of the world. Lists participating BMT donor registries, and those under development, with a searchable database of  HLA typings held by all for the 11+ million prospective donors they collectively have registered.

International NetCord Foundation 

Searchable databank listing typings of UCB units held by cord blood registries and/or banks worldwide; functions as virtual office for donor search. Individual members of Netcord may be affiliated with BMDW and/or NMDP.

World Marrow Donor Association
International professional association for registries and those involved with BMT work, whose working groups study relevant operational, policy, and ethical issues to issue guidelines for best practices in the field.

Worldwide Network for Blood & Marrow Transplantation (WBMT)
New international consortium under development