Discharge from BMT Center

Generally, the short term survival phase is measured in terms of a 100 day period, the average time for patients to recover well enough to be discharged from the outpatient BMT center to their community  oncologist or hosptial. Since each patient is unique, the recovery time may be quite different for your child. You will be given explicit instructions on how your child’s condition and recovery is being monitored, and on your own role in administering care, making observations, and taking all the necessary protective precautions following discharge from the hospital. Before a patient is discharged from the outpatient BMT center, parents will be given full information about everything they need to know about home care, follow-up medical care, what to do in case of emergency, and about all aspects of patient and family life important to recovery. Much of this information is available for your reference in the SCCA Patient and Caregiver Resource Manual that you receive at admission. In addition, you can read the fact sheet on general pediatric BMT follow-up guidelines, and detailed information on food and water safety, nutrition and diet on the FHCRC Long-Term Follow Up (LTFU) website.

You may also find helpful the NMDP’s publcation Your Child’s Return Home after Transplant, which includes information about home cleaning and hygeine, getting ready to return to school, and other timely topics.